You can specify simple sales prices directly inside your products and services. But for more detailed pricing rules, use price lists and discount catalogs.

Please note: all prices set up in products and services are always in the home (accounting) currency that is set up as such in the company settings.


Product and Service Price

If no other rules are defined, the price that is set inside the Product or Service will be used on any sales document .


Price List

Use Price Lists to specify sales prices that are quantity-specific or set up special prices by product. You will be able do have those prices fixed for all customers, for a specific customer or price family. Also, you can set up the price validity for specific period of time.

  • Launch New Price List and click "Add" to put a product or service on the price list.
  • Choose a specific customer or make a selection in "Price Family" to apply this price list to an entire price family.
  • By selecting "Price by Level", you can define in the lower block, quantity ranges and their corresponding prices.


Discount Catalog

Discount Catalogs allow you to apply a discount rate for all customers, a specific one or a price family, as well as for a specific period of time. 

  • Launch New Discount Catalog and click "Add" to put a product or service on the price list.
  • Make a selection in "Price Family" to apply this discount to an entire price group, or add specific customers to the discount catalog.
  • choose if your discount is fixed, by quantity or by amount level

Price Family

Price family are used for category-dependent pricing for your customers.

  • Use Price Family along with Price Lists and Discount Catalogs

Tip: Use this to allow one group of your customers to purchase items at retail price, and another group to purchase items at cost.

See here for more information: Sales Price List for different Customer Groups


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