Creating a New Product or Service

Go to Sales - More - Products and Services - New Product or Service

Use the selector to specify whether you are creating a product or service


Price and other details will be used when citing the product or service in sales documents such as quotes, invoices or sales orders.



If you set Track Inventory to Yes, ONE UP will keep a record of the quantity of the product in stock and update it when you create receiving notes and delivery orders.

Importing and Duplicating

Product and Service Families

If you have a large list of products and services, organize them into Product and Service Families to make it easy to find them in various places in ONE UP.

Advanced Pricing

You can define simple sales and purchase prices directly inside the product or service. For more complex pricing rules, see the guides, Sales Price Lists or Discount Catalogs (both in sales) and Purchase Price Lists.



A service can only be used for the sales process. If you need to order a service, it is recommended create a product and set Track Inventory to NO and use this then in your purchase order. 

Non tracked products have the advantage, that you can also use them in the sales process. You will then get sales income as well as see purchase costs generated from this service.

If you have any kind of service that needs to be added into a bill only, you are free to do so in the expense tab in the bill and directly select the account from your chart of accounts to have the expense posted correctly.

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