Quotes are proposals for your Leads or Customers.

  • Create a quote from an existing opportunity: open an Opportunity , set the status to "won" and click "Yes" next to Convert into Quote.
  • You can also create a Quote directly in Sales - Quotes - New Quote
  • set an expiration date, so you have control over your quotes and can also plan the necessary follow up (default is automatically set to 30 days after the Date selected above it).
  • customization: your logo, necessary company information, tax ID will be taken over from company settings.
    After you hit the DONE button for a new quote or the printer icon in an existing quote, you will see the "customize" button on the right side. In there you'll have the possibility to customize even more.

    For more information about Customization, please see here: Customize Sales Documents and Purchase Order
If your customer or lead decides to buy:
  • convert the quote into a sales order (and follow the rest of the sales process) or
  • convert the quote directly into an invoice
Note: doing either one, a lead will automatically become a customer.

How can I convert the quote into a sales order or invoice?

The quote feature is listed in opportunities - quotes. In the quote list, click “order” to convert the quote into a sales order. From the three dot menu, select ”invoice” to convert the quote into an invoice.

Please note, as soon as you convert the quote into sales order or invoice, the quote status will be changed to “won”.

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