How do I create new payment terms?

To set up new payment terms, please type " New Payment Terms " in the home search bar.

Name your payment terms and click "add an installment", set up the % for the first installment and set the wanted days outstanding into the field "No. of days". The rules remain on "due on receipt" unless you need special terms like the ones below:

  • X days after start of month
  • X days after start of next month
  • X days before end of month


To fix the above terms, please use the field "X days".



You need your customer to pay within 45 days:

Installment = 100%

No. of days = 45

Rule = Due on Receipt


You need your customer to pay at the last day of a month:

Installment = 100%

X days = 0

Rule = X days before end of month


You need your customer to pay 50% upfront and 50% after 30 days

Installment 1 = 50%

No. of days = 0

Rule = Due on Receipt

Installment 2 = 50%

No. of days = 30

Rule = Due on Receipt


Note: To edit preexisting installments, search "Edit Payment Terms " to access the list.


How can I apply a discount as an amount rather than a rate?

Create a service in Sales - More - Products and Services - New Product or Service . Name it accordingly (“payment discount”) and link the correct account from your chart of accounts (such as “sales allowances”).

Apply this service in your sales document using a negative quantity and the discount amount.

For the same action in purchases, set up a non-tracked product for your discount (can also be used in sales). Please note that you cannot add a service to a purchase document.


 How can I change the default VAT to show in my invoice?

So that a product automatically shows a given VAT rate when you add it to your sales line update your product information. Go to Sales - More - Products and Services , select your product, open the advanced section and apply the default VAT rate


How do I get my sales tax rate to appear on the invoice (US accounts)?

In any sales document, you can select your sales tax in the header on top right side in the field “sales tax”. Select the tax rate you need to apply and mark the checkbox in the product line to include the product as taxable for this rate.


I changed my customer information, why is my invoice not updated?

If you modify your customer address after creating a sales document, the address is not updated but kept the way it was set up during creation of the document.

To modify customer information in a sales document, open it, click into the customer field (this will delete the entry) and select your customer again. Click DONE to validate the adjusted document.

PLEASE NOTE: selecting a new customer, might change your pricing in the sales lines if prices were set up especially for this document.


Where can I see the unpaid invoices for a customer?

Go to Sales - Customers and select your customer.

You could then either view the customer statement or click on "invoices" and then use the filter on top left side, to only see unpaid ones.

If you need to see all unpaid invoices and check different customers, go to Sales - Invoices, then filter on “unpaid”. You can export the invoices and easily filter in Excel.

Also, in Sales - More - Customer payments , you will see the “unpaid” payments (=installments) or you can check the AR aging report in the [︙] button, should a total open balance be sufficient.


How do I partially invoice a sales order?

You can only partially invoice a sales order using the delivery note in between. So, if you normally do not work with tracked products, convert the sales order into a delivery note, modify the delivery note quantities and invoice the delivery note from within Inventory - Delivery notes .

You will then be able to convert your sales order again into a delivery note, eventually modify that again and invoice the next part from your delivery note.


How do I receive a partial invoice payment?

To register the receipt of a partial payment, please open your invoice and proceed to page 2. On top click "receive payment due". In the payment line, just modify the amount to your partial payment and and select the bank account. Click DONE to validate.

How do I register the payment for the first instalment?

To register the receipt of your first instalment, please open your invoice and proceed to page 2. On top click on the first instalment to mark it and use then "receive payment due". Should the amount not exactly match the payment, please modify the amount in the payment line and select the bank account. Click DONE to validate.

The second instalment will remain open and due for payment.


Why can’t I edit my invoice?

If you need to edit a paid invoice, you must delete the payment first. To delete the payment, please open the invoice and proceed to page 2, mark the payment line by clicking into it and use “cancel selected payment” to delete the invoice payment.

After you have done this, your invoice will be editable.

Why can’t I delete my invoice?

- If Draft Invoices is enabled, please note finalized documents can no longer be edited.

Note: Draft Invoicing is required of French accounts, however others like US ones can disable this option under Settings - Company Settings

- Only the last invoice made can be deleted.

- If paid, you must delete the invoice payment on page 2 of your invoice.

When invoice can be deleted, trash bin shows in upper right hand corner:



Otherwise you can cancel the invoice by converting it into a credit memo.

To do so, please go to Sales - More - Credit Memos - [︙] button - Convert Invoices to Credit Memos. This will then balance out the accounts receivable and reverse the sales as well as mark the invoice as cancelled.

How do I see what products I sold to which customer?

If you go to Sales - Invoices - [︙] button - Export Invoice Lines , you will be able to export the list and filter in a spreadsheet the information you need.

I have a USD bank account and my customer pays in EUR, how do I register that?

You will need to create an EUR Offset bank account that can be used as a helping transfer to get your EUR into your USD bank account.

The EUR invoice will be paid to your EUR Offset account and a bank transfer will manage the transfer from your EUR Offset bank account into your USD account.

To create a new bank: go to Accounting - Bank Feeds - Add Bank and select the import bank statement option. Name your bank and select the currency needed.

To create a bank transfer later, go to Accounting - More - Bank Transfers - New Bank Transfer and select the bank transfer to transfer the EUR amount into your USD bank.

See related guide on working with Multiple Currencies .

How do I add a second tax besides the normal VAT that I can select?

OneUp does not offer multi taxes.

To apply a second tax to your invoice, you would need to use a service or a non tracked item. Calculate the second tax you need to add and select the service to set up the according amount in your sales line.

How do I process withholding taxes?

Withholding taxes is not a OneUp feature. To handle withholding tax, we recommend creating a service in Sales - More - Products and Services - New Product or Service. Link the service to an account of your choice in your chart of accounts.

In the customer document, you add the service into the sales lines and use a negative quantity to set up the deduction. The amount will need to be calculated manually and to eliminate any link to a VAT, please select “--” in the VAT field or do not mark the checkbox for the sales tax.


How do I add shipping charges?

We recommend to either create a service for “shipping” or use a non tracked product. To create a service, please go to Sales - More - Products and Services - New Product or Service.

Should you wish to create a non tracked product, please go to Sales - More - Products and Services - New Product or Service. In the field “track inventory” set the marker to “no”. This will disable the inventory tracking. Non tracked products have the advantage, that you can also use them in the purchase process. You will then get sales income as well as see purchase costs generated from shipping.

In any case, add the service or non tracked product to your sales lines and so, easily invoice shipping.

How can I create a new payment method?

Unfortunately it is not possible to add a new payment method to the existing drop down list. If your payment method is not listed, please select "other" as your option.

Why can’t I customize my document?

Please note that only the account administrator will be able to customize documents. Also, the customization feature won’t be available on tablets or other mobile devices.

What is the “closed” status on a sales order?

Your sales order will be automatically set to “closed” if the sales process is finished. If you deliver and invoice all components of your sales order, it will get the status “closed”.

Should you not need to fulfill the whole sales order (for example, customer cancelled parts of a sales order), you have the possibility to set an order status manually to “closed”. Open your sales order and on top right side to change the status.

Closed sales orders do no longer show in conversion wizards and will no longer be included in the calculation in automatic inventory ordering.

If a sales order was closed manually, it is possible to re-open it at any time.


How do I change the ship-to address?

The ship-to address is fixed and always different to the billing address:

Select your customer in Sales - Customers and click into the pencil to edit. In the field “Use same address for delivery” click NO and set up the default ship-to address.

The Ship-to address changes

To have your products delivered to another than your customer’s main address, you will need to set up a contact (delivery recipient) in a customer. It is necessary, that you set up the ship-to address into the contact details.

Once done, please open your sales document, scroll down and open the advanced section. In the field *delivery contact* select the contact in which you set up the needed address.

Please note that it is not possible to edit the address in the delivery address field. You must select a delivery contact that shows the ship-to address in the contact details.












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