This guide contains actions useful for preparing orders and delivering them using picking lists and delivery notes.

Sales Orders

Enter your customer order as a sales order directly with New Sales Order or Convert Quotes. If you intend for your order to update inventory levels, make sure your order has at least one inventory enabled (in product settings, the field "Track Inventory" must stand on "YES") product on it.

Please note: you won't be able to create any picking list for non tracked products or for service.

Picking Lists

Begin preparing your order for delivery by picking your order with Convert Sales Orders to Picking Lists in Sales - More - Sales Orders - [︙] button. In Inventory - More - Picking Lists, you will find this action located in the [︙] button menu. 

  • When a picking list is generated, the items in your inventory are reserved for this picking list and no longer available for other deliveries
  • Picking lists must be converted from sales orders, you cannot create picking lists directly.
  • Once you created a picking list, you must convert this to a delivery note from there. It won't be possible to convert the sales order into a delivery note, if there was a picking list generated from that sales order

Delivery Notes

A Delivery Note is generally sent to your customer together with a shipment to indicate what is included in the delivery. Convert your Picking List into a Delivery Note in Inventory - More - Picking Lists.

  • This action will release the reservation status for your goods in the stock on hand and mark your order as delivered.
  • When the delivery note is generated, the items on the delivery note are removed from your inventory.
  • In most cases you would not want to do so, but you can also create a delivery note directly with New Delivery Note instead of using sales order and picking list
  • You can also bulk convert sales orders to delivery notes.


Delivery notes are then converted to invoices in order to bill your customer. Continue billing your order in Sales with Inventory.

Inventory Transactions

When you create delivery notes, ONE UP automatically generates inventory withdrawal lines.

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