Before working with your new account, you may want to adjust some settings for your company in the Company Settings panel. This panel is only visible to administrators.

  • Check or change your accounting currency
  • Set up your Tax ID
  • Choose the language in which your sales documents will be printed (printing language)
  • Enable multi-currency, if needed
  • Select the format in which your documents are being printed
  • Set your accounting basis to accrual or cash (ask your accountant for details)
  • Set up custom numbering for documents (auto numbering)
  • Set your sales and purchase tax label (outside US) 

Please note:

  • The working period is the period in which you allow any user in your account to register any kind of transaction and is equal to your open fiscal years (maximum of 2 allowed)
  • Once you set up the accounting currency or accounting basis and register your first transaction, those settings cannot be changed anymore
  • Updating the VAT label does not change it everywhere on-screen within the application, but it will always be used when sending or printing documents.



Custom Numbering


Each time you create a document, a unique code is generated for that document.



By default, each type of document has it's own naming convention, and the documents start at #1. So, for example your first invoice is called CINV-001 (Customer Invoice #1)


With Code Customization, you are able to alter the naming convention and the starting number.  Code customization is available under Company Settings - Auto Numbering.




Select a document type from the box, As soon as selected, the second box shows what the "last" document was called-- and you are allowed to edit it.


On a new account, when you select "Invoice", the box will show CINV-000, that means the next customer invoice will be numbered CINV-001.


If you changed this to "INVOICE#100", then the next one would be called "INVOICE#101"

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